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Qiu Shuo from Peking University and a team from the University of International Business and Economics won the top prize at a Japanese knowledge contest on Nov 18.

Sponsored by the Nippon Foundation, the contest was held by Peking University and the Japan Science Society.

Over 327 students from 108 universities across China signed up for the competition. The winners will be invited to visit Japan next spring for eight days.

Affirming the contributions the contest has made, Wang Bo, vice-president of Peking University, said youth exchanges represent the future of exchanges between the two countries, and this competition has become a platform for exchanges between Chinese and Japanese youths.

Wang told the students "ranking is only a part of the competition. What is more important is that by participating in such an event, one can have great gains in knowledge and other aspects."

Ogata Takeju, president of the Nippon Foundation, said the foundation has been dedicated to deepening mutual understanding between China and Japan.

"Young people shoulder the responsibility of the country"s future construction. I hope all of you can contribute more to your country, your region and all human beings in the future," he told students at the event.

Mieko Oshima, chair of the Japan Science Society, praised the efforts of the contestants in the preparation process, hoping participants can broaden their knowledge about Japan and develop deep friendship in the process of the competition.

"The top meeting of Chinese and Japanese leaders in Beijing last month confirmed the relationship between the two countries has entered a new stage. We will make a variety of non-governmental exchanges to contribute to training talents who will construct the new era of China and Japan," she said.

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